Critics' Favorite Films
Come from These Countries

The British broadcaster BBC asked in 2016 film critics around the world to list 10 best films on the 21st century. 177 critics responded, mentioning 598 different films from 53 countries.
"In the Mood for Love" from Hong Kong received most mentions by critics. It appeared in 49 top 10 selections. But "Mulholland Dr." from the United States ultimately topped the BBC poll, because inside the critics' selections it received highest rankings. Sixteen critics put it to the top spot of their selections.
Films from the United States were the most numerous: the critics mentioned 250 different American films in the poll. Fourteen countries had a single entry, that is a film from that country appeared once in the poll. You can the code on which this map is based here on GitHub.

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Sadly, my coding duck's all-time favorite film "Duck, You Sucker!" was disqualified from the poll because it was made in 1971. We thank Thirkield and Soma for their patient help.