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My name is Juhana Rossi. I study for a Master of Science degree in Data Journalism program at Columbia Journalism School. In civilian life I am the deputy managing editor at Talouselämä, a leading business news website and magazine in Finland. Here’s some stuff I have a worked on in the past and I created in the fall 2022 while learning computational journalism. You can reach me at juhana.rossi@gmail.com

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BBC Films

Here's a map showing the countries of origin for best films of the 21st century based on a critics’ poll organized by the BBC in 2016. The original poll didn't include the countries of origin for the films in the poll. I created a database which listed the countries of origin and visualized the data in a map.

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Writing & Translating

I helped former Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo write his memoirs. Here's an article I penned about Finland's literary scene when I was the editor at Parnasso, the largest Finnish-language literary magazine in the world. I have translated several books from English into Finnish, among them Talouden 10 tuhoisinta ajatusta [Ten Most-Destructive Economic Ideas] by Björn Wahlroos, the Nordics' leading banker.

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Ice-Cream Trucks

Click the image to read a story I did in 2013 about ice-cream trucks in Finland.


Airport Comparison

Click the image to read about my project where I compared the recovery rates of passenger traffic at John F. Kennedy International and Helsinki airports. The data shows how strong recovery is eluding Helsinki in a stark contrast to a robust comeback of traffic at JFK.


High Elevation Airports

Click the image to read about my project where I explorated the relationship between an airport's elevation and the lenght of its runways. Typically, higher elevation airports have longer runways.


Day Length in Helsinki and New York

As the Earth circles the Sun in the course of a year, the lenght of days varies in a regular pattern. Click the image to read about differences in day length between Helsinki and News York.


Dollar General's Poor Safety Record

My fellow reporter Hongyu Liu and I wrote an article on how the discount retail chain Dollar General is racking up multi-million-dollar fines for violating OSHA labor safety standards.

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